Modern Art Studio Toronto

A Creative Space In Your Own Backyard

Having your own space is great, but knowing how to use it well is the best! Understanding what matters to you and creating something that’s good for your soul adds that little extra you to your home. Our customer from the bustling city of Toronto did just that!

Our Toronto customer knew that she needed a creative outlet, some sort of mini-art retreat that she could easily access to express her creativity. After some searching to find the perfect art shed studio, she contacted us. We were excited by this project, and set a date to go over to install the custom garden studio.

We arrived at the Toronto property and set to build the art shed studio. We started with laying the insulated Subfloor on an existing raised deck. We then built the walls, and applied 1×10 Premium Pine Shiplap stain all the way around with charcoal gray steel accents. This was a design our customer had requested, and it provided a real cozy feel to the place. The 12’ by 9’ art studio shed was spacious, with lots of room for all of our client’s arts and craft needs.

The modern shed studio Toronto was built to be perfectly insulated for the Ontarian temperature variations in the winter and summer. Our customer was truly impressed with this feature, as this meant that she could escape to her little creative hideout anytime of the year!

The custom garden studio was built with 5 operating windows, 3 of which can be opened easily to allow for some fresh, crisp air in. A swing door with a large glass pane was also installed to allow lots of natural light into the studio. It also provided with a lovely view of the plant life surrounding the art shed studio.

Upon completion, our customer went right in and was so happy with the gorgeous custom garden studio we had built for her, that she quickly filled the studio with her arts and craft equipment! She was impressed that we were able to complete it in a single day. Here is what she had to say about our installation:

“Working with Backyard Escape Studios was a pleasure! We are extremely happy with our gorgeous studio and highly recommend his company. Very easy to work with. Great communication and reasonable pricing. Five stars!”

We are pleased to receive such feedback, as our customer’s satisfaction matters to us above all. Along with art shed studios, we have a range of products available to build the perfect backyard look you desire. From a pool Cabana, to a backyard mini-office, to a simple garden shed, we are able to work with your ideas and customize their build. With our extensive coverage over Ontario, we are able to come to you and install the product you want quickly!


We are happy that we could make an impact to our customer’s life by providing her with a humble art abode, we believe we can do the same for you too. Contact us today for a customized consultation along with a personalized quote!


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