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Welcome to My Shed quarters

Welcome to My Shed quarters When Maureen Sheehy relocated to London, she initially set up her home office in the spare bedroom. Sheehy is a virtual comptroller and consultant in the restoration industry, and for security reasons, her preference was to keep all of her work close by. “I deal with some very sensitive documentation,” […]

Modern Garden Shed Toronto

Modern Garden Shed ‘s by Backyard Escape Studios No matter what size you’re looking for, at Backyard Escape Studios we have modern garden shed ‘s for you! This 8×6 feet modern shed in Toronto was one of our shed in a day specials.

Find Comfort, Creativity and Inspiration in Your Own Backyard

Find Comfort, Creativity and Inspiration in Your Own Backyard Backyard Escape Studios helps you accomplish the dream of attaining your perfect, quiet space at home. Backyard Escape Studios provides you comfort, creativity, inspiration or whatever you are seeking in your personal space. Share your ideas and suggestions on how you intend to use an extra room in your home. […]

Children and Work in a Backyard Escape Studio

When my husband Sebastian decided to put one of his Studios in our backyard as an office, I was a little wary of the idea of the greenery in our small backyard dissolving on account of the space that it would take up. Since, however, I knew he was desperate to retreat to his office without the […]

Your Backyard Has More to Offer…..

Making use of your backyard all year around is becoming more and more popular in the last few years. What is already common knowledge in the UK and parts of the US is for southwestern Ontario quite a new concept. Placing an outbuilding in your backyard is in most areas of Ontario still considered a […]