Backyard Sheds – The Latest in Trends

Whether you are looking for an expansion of your home or an addition of a new private space for yourself, Backyard Studio Escape gives you the freedom of extra space at home with the flexibility to customize with your particular needs. Whether it’s a studio space or simply storage in the form of backyard sheds.

Families keep growing over the years and with time it will bring the need for a bigger living space. But people who are looking for an economical solution can easily shift their study or workspace to new Backyard Escape Studios or Backyard Sheds. It is portable and most importantly don’t need any fixed foundation.  You can design the studio with stain of your choice, the flooring and interior paint and design according to your preference. Most importantly you don’t need to obtain building permit to have this in your own property.

If you are managing a home run business or working from home or looking for a place to unwind after work, compose music, or just need a quite relaxation, having a Backyard Escape Studio can be customized to what you would like to have. Having children and pets at home can be quite disturbing especially if you have to make calls throughout the day. This Backyard Escape Studio gives you the privacy, exclusion and at the same time allows you to stay close to your family.

The advantages of Backyard Escape Studios:

  • Modern solution to need for extra space with less cost. It is 40-60% cheaper than traditional construction
  • Saves your money on renting an office space in expensive commercial buildings.
  • No time restriction on working hours
  • No hassle of travelling from home to office every day. Eventually savings on commutation.
  • Since it is your private space your can schedule meeting without having to book meeting rooms and at the same time safely have confidential meetings with no risk.
  • Even though you are engaged at work you can spend your meal time with your family.
  • Easy access for family for any emergency needs.
  • Savings on bills unlike in rented offices.
  • Best option for freelancers and start up firms
  • Allows in-depth customization of the studio to meet your requirement in terms of color, windows, provision for air condition and much more.
  • The structure is durable to suit the climatic condition of Ontario
  • The materials are factory made and tested to provide quality from walls to even screws
  • It is adaptable to layout of your plot.
  • It is easily portable wherever you move.
  • It is constructed under safe and secure conditions and provides superior weather protection.
  • Good return on investment if you need to sell it at some point
  • These portable studios are multi-use which enables efficiency of space.
  • It is a sustainable solution with minimal material waste and is energy efficient. It is made with renewable materials and energy efficient LED lighting.
  • It is fully plastered and has well insulated walls.
  • Sound proofing feature and acoustic design can be done.
  • There is no mess at erection of Backyard Escape Studio and it doesn’t disturb or interrupt your current home.
  • It is very flexible and adaptable to your growing requirements and can add extra room to your existing studio with ease.

Backyard Escape Studio is just what you need to meet your growing requirement. With all the advantages listed, there is no reason why you should not own one. Every person needs to give time for their own – be it for work, rest or family. If it is close to home and a unique private space, you create as per your dream it is eternal bliss.

Work space at your convenience and at a feasible distance is quite a plus when being with your family is also important.  In situations when you need to take care of helpless parents or family member or even take care of children after school, having a Backyard Escape Studio serving as a work space is very fortunate. You can even design these portable shells to your music composing or recording studio with necessary acoustic designs. Some home makers also start gym with membership or dance classes and earn extra income without disrupting the daily activities within their home.

Backyard Escape Studio offers its services in Ontario, Canada and has its reach throughout the country. If you would like us to give you better understanding on our products, materials and installation please contact us.