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Things to Think About When Designing Your Studio

Our studios are contemporary sheds, re-designed for modern day living spaces. As you imagine your outdoor retreat, here are some practical things to keep in mind when choosing from the variety of modern options that are available. Let’s get started!

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General FAQ

Studio Sizes

When choosing the size of your studio, you should think about whether you would like to apply for a building permit or work within a 108 square foot structure, which is the most common size you can build without applying for a permit in most municipalities. Check with your local building by-laws to confirm structure footprint allowance. Smaller structures that do not require a permit have a quicker turnaround.

If you would like a studio that is larger than the standard 108 square feet, we help make the process simple for you. We can provide the required structural plan with drawings approved by an engineer (for an additional charge).


Many of our customers choose a siding that will fit the theme of their backyard and house.  For us, it is easy to combine two different sidings to combine a unique and modern look, the most common combination being metal and wood. The majority of walls are often covered in maintenance free metal siding with an accented wood wall, which creates a warm and natural appearance. Most of our metal sidings come in a large variety of colour choices and different profiles. Our wood sidings are offered in pine/cedar tongue and groove and a very unique and modern 10” tongue and groove or shiplap siding. We also offer specialty sidings like maintenance free aluminum composite siding and King Starboard composite panels. When selecting your siding, think about what will blend well with your house, as well as the maintenance you wish to put into or not.


To accommodate your electrical needs, the building’s interior is left exposed so that you can have installed the electrical support you require. It could be as simple as a few light fixtures and receptacles or perhaps you need something somewhat more complex for a home office, music studio, or even a sauna. The unfinished interior allows an electrician to map out the best solution to your needs. The electrical connections to your house will more than likely be buried in the ground or in certain circumstances connected with suspended power lines. You will need to contact a certified electrician to connect the wiring and main connection, as well as any other specific electrical work you require. If your studio needs to be equipped with specific electrical equipment, please inform us prior to your order so that we can adjust the placement of studs to accommodate.


We can complete the interior after an electrician has finished the rough-in and it has been inspected. There are two finishes that we offer for the interior: for local locations we can finish it with drywall or high end interior wall paneling. We do not recommend drywall for studios that are not all-season temperature controlled. Instead, we would recommend wall or wood paneling. Another option is that we finish the interior with wall paneling, with the wiring running through cable conducts on top of the walls, so that the electrician can finish his work after the structure is finished. We can gladly work the details with you.


There are many different ways of building a foundation for your studio. We recommend that the foundation is done with the best available quality, whether using patio stones, interlock stones, gravel pads, concrete, earth screws, or Sonotubes. Our studios and subfloors can accommodate the most cost-effective and solid foundation that is available in your area. Please contact us so that we can discuss the options that would be best for you. We know that a solid foundation is just as important as the structure that stands on top.


Your Backyard Escape Studio is as individual as you and your use for it. The price for a modern shed that stores garden supplies will be completely different to an insulated garden office or a backyard music studio. Your choice of windows, doors, insulation, and siding, for example, can greatly change the price of your final product. Please contact us and provide us with as much information as you can of your ideas and we can provide a general price range of what your studio may cost. From there we can provide a sketch and guidance in your selections to help keep you within your budget. We aim to provide a solution for everybody.

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How do I get started?

Send us an email or give us a call and provide us with as much information as you can, including your location (to calculate transportation costs), backyard accessibility (to determine how much needs to be assembled onsite), and detailed ideas of what you envision your studio to look like (size, style, etc.) With this information, we can provide a rough quote along with a sample 3D drawing.

Every studio is very individual and varies with every order. From experience and depending on the customer, the planning process can take up to two weeks and the production and delivery around four weeks. As soon as you agree to the design setup for your studio, we can start production.

Sample Studio Layout

Take a look at one of our most requested studio layouts and click to see the details under the 3D image. Click on the Image to zoom in and out as well as toggle around it.

Studio Size

Footprint : 144″ x 108″ (12′ x 9′)

Interior Space : 135″ x 100″

Front Wall Height : 108″

Back Wall Height : 96″

Total Studio Height (Front) : 120″

Total Studio Height (Back) : 108″

Roof Overhang (Sides and Front) : 16″

Roof Overhang (Back) : 6″-8″

Windows and Doors

Three transom windows : 42″ x 13″ low e-glass (available in black, white, and five additional standard colours)

Casement side window: 32″ x 48″ low e-glass (available in black, white, and five additional standard colours)

Door: 34″ x 80″ steel door in-swing with full light insert (available in black, white, and five additional standard colours)


Back Wall and Partial side walls : 7/8 corrugated jet black metal siding (available in over 25 colours and various profiles)

Front Wall and Partial side walls : unstained 1 x 6 pine tongue and groove (also available in cedar and pre-stained in colour of choice)

Roof : GAF Liberty rolled roofing for low-sloped roofs, double ply application, base and cap sheet


All Wall Insulation: R14 Batt insulation, 1″ exterior foam insulation R5-6 (Total:R19-20)

Roof/Ceiling Insulation: R22 Batt insulation

Floor Insulation: R10 foam insulation


Interior Wall Panelling: 5mm in white, paintable

Seams: 1″ low profile moulding for seam coverage

Ceiling: 1×6 or 1×4 pine tongue and groove

No finished flooring included in price


Four to six earth screws, 55″ long (min. 48″ below ground)

2×6 pressure treated support frame (to accommodate sub-floor)

Our Studios can accommodate other foundations as well, but are not supplied by us (ex. concrete, sonar tube, inter-lock, and patio stones).


Sample Studio Price (without interior, foundation, installation and delivery): CAD 11,900

  • Interior package (without flooring): CAD 1,390 (includes labour and material)
  • Foundation: Earth screws with support structures: CAD 1,090
  • Installation and Delivery (dependant on location and accessibility): approx. CAD 1,500 – 2,000
All prices are not binding and exclude HST.

We do not provide electrical installation; therefore, it is not included in price. We can work with you to find a local electrician that can install your desired setup.

Please understand this is a standard, generic price for a sample studio and alterations to the layout and materials may affect pricing. We value the individual touch that makes each Studio unique for you and welcome the variety of inspirations that come our way.

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Next Steps

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You imagine the studio.  We build it.

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