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Custom Sheds form Backyard Escape Studios

Modern life presents a large selection of options for outdoor pursuits and hobbies. Be your fascination kayaking or tennis, biking or hiking – you need somewhere to put all of the associated gear. Somewhere out of the way, where it won’t clutter up your hallway or spare room. Perhaps it is time to consider the need for a Custom Shed of your own?

A custom-built shed presents more than just a storage space; it adds value to your home, provides you with an additional space and, if you do it correctly, a custom-built shed will be the heart and soul of your garden, allowing for a pleasant visual fixture that will give years of future enjoyment.

A custom sheds

that has been built to your specifications is the perfect garden compliment. Not only do their solid structures provide a safe way to protect your hobby and gardening supplies, they are built with high-quality materials that are made to last. For the most part, custom sheds can be erected on your property within one day, but some may take longer depending on the design.

One of the main benefits of having one of these custom sheds (or Backyard Escape Studios, as we like to call them) is that they transform any garden into a vision of opulence and luxury. They are secure enough to stand for years and steady enough to trust with your equipment.

Another great thing about a custom shed is that you have complete control over the design from start to finish. You decide what materials will be used to build it, what size you want, which doors you would like, how the foundations should lay – there are so many options that you will be spoiled for choice. Fortunately, all of the options lead to the same thing: you get the garden space of your dreams!

These sleek and stylish sheds present an alternative to the classical representation of a ‘garden shed’. With elegant materials, lots of thought put into design and utilization of the space, beautiful designs to choose from and the knowledge that these are constructed with the same attention to detail as one might apply when building a house – there is very little left to bemoan. These sheds present the opportunity to turn any garden into a pleasant outdoor area where you enjoy spending your time.

So if you are thinking of updating, replacing or simply buying a new shed – don’t think “Shed”, think of a custom shed from “Backyard Escape Studios”. Build yourself a little haven away from everything in your own garden and make the most out of a space you never even thought about using before. Everyone should have one. Have you got yours?

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