Customized Office Space for Start-Ups and Freelancers

Commuting to office every day can be quite tedious, especially if it’s far and you have to face brutal traffic every other day. I’m sure most of us secretly wish to work from home, (or a customized home office space) but are at the same time worried about the disturbances that such an option may bring about.

We do bring in office work home at times when we have deadlines to complete. But working from home is a different ball game altogether. You must be really disciplined and efficient to be able to work at home with full attention and minimum distractions. Moreover, if you work from home, it doesn’t really feel like working at all. The ambience is cosy, the disturbances are numerous, and the whole atmosphere is so informal that you never get serious about work. Not any more, though. Have you ever thought of allocating a portion of your backyard to office space and setting up a studio there so that all the shortcomings can be brushed aside? It will be working from home and at the same time, working at the office.

In the recent years, start –ups have mushroomed everywhere and are expanding at an amazing speed.

Backyard Escape Studios is a great choice because:

  • Start-ups require informal atmosphere where employees can work in spaces that are not segregated by partitions, unlike in a more formal office set-up. They are smaller in size and groups of people sit close to one another, discussing ideas and working. Set-ups like these don’t really require big spaces. Smaller cosier places are more ideal and better suited. For such small set-ups, 100 square foot area will suffice.
  • Start-ups work on smaller budgets; therefore backyard studios are best suited as they come at a much lower investment.
  • Backyard studios ensure that disturbances are kept at bay, so you can concentrate on your work to achieve deadlines and targets.
  • When you work without distractions and finish up early, you get enough time to concentrate on the other personal commitments that you may have.

Freelancers also face disturbances while working at home. They don’t have a choice as work from home is the only option they might have. There may be several reasons why a person chooses to freelance: financial commitments, inability to travel to office post-delivery, health issues, need to attend to toddlers/old/sick family members could be some of the reasons. Moreover, it gives flexibility of work hours and freedom to work from anywhere. But sometimes, personal commitments take over this freedom and in the process work gets affected. So it is important that even freelancers designate a cosy corner, ‘a home away from home’ option to work efficiently and complete their work at the designated time.

For both start-ups and freelancers, a customized office space in their own backyard an amazing solution. Several companies offer high-functioning, low-cost personalized office spaces that can be literally created according to your needs—a tetra shed, an office POD, a sett studio, ecospace WorkPod—can be customized depending on how much space you have in the backyard or what kind of a personal work space you are looking for.

Welcome to Backyard Escape Studio in Ontario, Canada, who promise to transform your backyard into amazing work studios that fits your budget. You can contact them for all your customized backyard studio needs. They take care of air conditioning, heating, flooring, or any other suggestions that you may have to create your own work station. They have sample designs for you to look through or if you have backyard space but don’t know how to get started, they can give you enough ideas. They can even design one for you and physically shift it in your backyard. Call them up for any queries or questions that you may have or if you want an individual quote to create your own, personalized studio.

The spaces we work have a profound effect on our mental state. When we travel 100 miles or so to reach office, we are physically drained and mentally exhausted. Until you start fresh, you cannot give your 100 percent. So currently backyard studios are high on the popularity list. You get your own space without any distractions, but at the same time available in times of emergency…what more can you ask for? The fact that it also cuts down on your travel and rental cost is an icing on the cake. The best thing is, these studios can be upgraded or expanded as your start-up grows. You can even decide to sell it off if you wish to. But, it is absolutely imperative to have one in your backyard as it brings in a lot of flexibility to your work and does away with unwanted stress. To become more productive at work and to unleash your potential, choose to have your own workplace—your own backyard studio.