Essential 12×8 Garden Shed

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Stylish and practical, our solid and well-designed modern shed is ideal for those looking to turn their backyard into a well-maintained space, with the maximum amount of storage room.

Flat roof and essential overhang create a well-placed presence in your backyard.

Modular sizing to accommodate multiple space requirements.

Siding options include tight knot pine as well as maintenance-free corrugated steel in a variety of compelling colours.

Modern barn door slider for a sleek look, with or without windows inside the door.

Strong build and maximum wall space for many shelving options.

Low sloped roofing membrane, ideal for clean rainwater harvesting.


Footprint: 144 x 96 inches

Essential 12-inch roof overhang

2×4 studs and rafters 24-inch on centre

Corrugated steel siding in many different colours

48-inch sliding door

44-inch opening

3x frosted window inserts

Accent front tight knot pine included in price

1×10 shiplap (optional)

Maintenance free revolution panel (optional)

Modern exposed rafters

Galvanized door hardware

Door locks and stops included

Our steel can be ordered in over 30 different colours.

Here are examples of how your shed could look.

To the side is an Essential style floor plan to get you started.

PRICING: $4000.00