The Essential Studio

The Essential Studio is your best option for an affordable, well built studio with our signature modern style.

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The Essential Studio is a fully insulated, fully functional studio suitable for work, play and creativity right in your own backyard. The Essential Studio has been designed for maximum value and efficiency while still sticking to our modern design principles and reliable construction. Prefabricated in our shop your Essential Studio can be fully constructed in under two weeks and installed in just three days max on a concrete pad, patio stones, or a pressure-treated foundation. An expansion of your personal, private space has never been easier or more affordable. Inquire today or see what our customers have to say about our products.


  • Cube design with natural pine front available in many different stains to suit your style.
  • Steel siding available in over thirty different colours to either match your home or compliment your pine.
  • Flat roof and Horizontal siding make for a striking minimalist look that’s sure to grab attention.
  • A large window and windowed front door to allow ample natural lighting in your work space.


  • Modern minimalistic plywood finish for was and wooden paneling for the ceiling.
  • Engineered to the same specs as a home and constructed with the care, our studios are built to last.
  • Strong EPDM rubber roofing that will last the ages with effective drainage solutions.
  • Front wall available in tight knot pine or cedar tongue and groove, 1×10 ship-lap, or many other options.

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