Do I need a building permit?

Yes and No. Most municipalities in Ontario do not require a building permit if your building is under 108 square feet and no higher than 12 feet. For most of our customers this is all that is needed for a comfortable garden studio.
You are responsible for checking your municipality’s by-laws. Start by checking their website or calling, especially if you require a garden room larger than most accessory buildings. A building permit is often not difficult to acquire and we are more than happy to help you walk your way through it and provide the neccessory building plans if you do require one.

How much is a Modern Shed Studio?

Your Backyard Escape Studio is as individual as you and your use for it. The price for a modern shed that stores garden supplies will be completely different to an insulated garden office or a backyard music studio. Your choice of windows, doors, insulation, and siding, for example, can greatly change the price of your final product. Please contact us and provide us with as much information as you can of your ideas and we can provide a general price range of what your studio may cost. From there we can provide a sketch and guidance in your selections to help keep you within your budget. We aim to provide a solution for everybody.

How do I order a Backyard Escape Studio?

Write us an email or give us a call and provide us with as much information as you can, including your location (to calculate transportation costs), backyard accessibility (to determine how much needs to be assembled onsite, and detailed ideas of what you envision your studio to look like (size, style, etc.)

With this information we can provide a rough quote along with a sample 3D drawing.

How long does it take to build a Backyard Escape Studio?

Every studio is very individual and varies with every order. From experience and depending on the customer the planning process can take up to two weeks and the production and delivery around four weeks. As soon as you agree to the design setup for your garden room, we can start production.

How do I pay and do you offer financing?

For most of our orders we require a 50% down payment, with the rest of payment due before shipping or installation.

We accept most major credit cards, with some additional credit card fees where applicable. We also accept certifed checks and Paypal transfers

Electrical Considerations

To accommodate your electrical needs our building’s interior is left exposed so that you can have installed the electrical support you require. It could be as simple as a few light fixtures and receptacles or perhaps you need something somewhat more complex for a home office, music studio, or even a sauna. The unfinished interior allows an electrician to map out the best the best solution to your needs. The electrical connections to your house will more than likely be buried in the ground or in certain circumstances connected with suspended power lines.
You will need to contact a certified electrician to connect the wiring and main connection, as well as any other specific electrical work you require. If your studio needs to be equipped with specific electrical equipment, please inform us prior to your order so that we can adjust the placement of studs to accommodate.