Modern Bunkie

Have you got a back yard, a summer property near the beach or a piece of land in the mountains with an incredible view?  Lucky you!  All you need to make a perfect get-away is a modern bunkie.

Maybe, you have a perfect spot in your back yard, just begging to have a little guest cottage built for your visitors.

Backyard Escape Studios has the perfect little cabin, the ‘Bunkie’.  Our modern, mini cabin is just what you want!

The Modern Bunkie is a perfect solution, as your small cottage at the beach or lakeside, or as a cabin in the woods or as a backyard retreat or a comfortable guesthouse. Remember when you were young and had a playhouse outside?  Well, the Bunkie is the grown-up version of that.  It’s small and so cute.  Also, the Bunkie is pure quality and it shows.

If you live in Ontario, Canada, you will already have heard of the Bunkie.  The term is well known there.  Affectionately, owners call it ‘their Bunkie’ and everyone knows they are referring to their small cabin or small cottage, a little structure they use for sleeping.  It could even be called a small bunkhouse.  It is commonly used at their spot by the lake, or at their fishing or hunting locations.

At Backyard Escape Studios (B.E.S.), our experts build and design the Bunkie, taking pride in creating these small, modern cabins. You can help design your own perfect ‘little sleeping structure’.  Depending on what you want, the choices are limitless. It’s guaranteed to be unique. It is truly a multifunctional space that is built to last and stay beautiful.

 Your Modern Bunkie is built at our shop by our experienced and skilled team.  Our policy is to use quality materials and to build a professional product that will last a lifetime, even being passed on to the next generation.

The Bunkie will protect your family from the harsh elements, for years and will keep its look of solid strength.  Consider this contrast:  you choose a shelter such as the solidly built Bunkie or you choose a travel trailer, for instance, that is parked and starts to deteriorate and rust or leak overtime.  The Bunkie could be compared to purchasing a home built with quality materials or a mobile home.  Which one is worth more after time?  The quality built home! So, too with your Bunkie-a wise choice will last a long time, and still be worth some money, when it is time to sell.

Excellent features such as the use of low maintenance materials with the focus on being easily maintained, helps you spend more time relaxing and enjoying the Bunkie, instead of taking care of it.

The Bunkie is adorable and really cute.  Not only that, they really don’t cost that much, considering what you are actually getting.

Who wouldn’t want to put a unique little guesthouse on your property that could have multiple uses for your family, throughout the year?


  • Your mother-in-law’s hideaway
  • A playhouse, or a garden room
  • The children’s sleepover.
  • You could camp in the backyard-no stress.  Just relax and enjoy!
  • An office, a man cave or a she shed
  • Limitless choices and uses

So, the decision is made.  You are going to buy your own Bunkie! Now, the fun starts.  You get to design your own modern Bunkie!

Just imagine all the options:


  • A Murphy bed or bunk beds
  • A wall with shelves
  • A fireplace
  • Floor to ceiling windows to catch the incredible view
  • A deck or a porch to watch the sun set and rise
  • Or decide to keep it very simple , basic and rustic
  • Screened doors and windows to let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out
  • A lockable door to keep you snug and safe at night
  • A loft with a ladder!  How cute!
  • If possible at your site, you could decide to install electricity
  • You can choose to use colors that are outrageous for your house but so cute on your Bunkie-like a bright red door or gorgeous dark blue stain or bright yellow siding
  • The best point:  You get to choose.

The Bunkie has potential in many ways:

  • Set up a few together. Each guest would have his own private space but still be close.
  • It could be used as summer rentals, set in a row, like a little Lego town.  Line them up facing an incredible view.
  • Still the best option of all is in your own backyard, a great idea!

Our company, Backyard Escape Studios, would love to work with you. We have the skills and expertise to give you the Bunkie you want. We promise to help you to “Build your dream space.”