Modern Garden Shed Toronto

Modern Garden Sheds by Backyard Escape Studios

No matter what size you’re looking for, at Backyard Escape Studios we have modern garden shed ‘s for you! This 8×6 feet modern shed in Toronto was one of our shed in a day specials.

We worked with the customer to design their perfect shed – with a sliding barn door, maintenance-free metal siding and pine front – to fit precisely where they needed it. Then, we pre-fabricated the parts, and in a day, we had it all assembled.

Say goodbye to struggling with an unwieldy kit. Our customer didn’t have to lift a finger and they got a sturdy, long-lasting shed which is ideal for storing all their tools and gardening supplies. The installation was swiftly and professionally done – no potential for accidents, incorrect assembly or frustration. Just a great shed.

Another great advantage over self-assembly is that it’s completely weather-proof. Long gone are the days of wet and rusty tools, of soggy soil or indoor puddles. There’s no danger of it blowing over, either! Moss will have a hard time making a home on our treated cedar, and the metal siding is very simple to clean – you don’t even need a bucket and sponge, you could just use a hose.

You won’t see any nails poking out, sticking doors or awkwardly applied roofing that could be a hazard. This shed can be used in complete confidence that everything will work as it should – leaving our customers to garden in peace and comfort.

Not only has their modern shed given them peace of mind, but now our customers can be the envy of their neighbours on top of that. It has so many exciting features to make your storage stylish and practical:

  • unique
  • modern
  • exciting
  • matches their home perfectly

It has increased the property value of their home, too, so they got an investment as well as more room on their property. Now that the garage is clear, the sky’s the limit on use.

Imagine something like this – but exactly to your tastes – on your property. A small one like this doesn’t need a permit, giving you the freedom and choice to be creative with your design. Backyard Escape Studios’ customers get the modern shed solution they’ve been dreaming of, and you can join them.

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