Advanced Studio

The Advanced Studio is a our signature European design built to expand the space of your home with a fully functional, finished space that brings depth and character to your backyard.

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Our Advanced Studio provides you with the opportunity to create a fully functional, insulated space in the privacy of your own backyard. With unique European stylings like it’s slanted roof, pronounced overhang, and exposed rafters, our Advanced Studio will give you a space that’s just as beautiful as it is practical. While 12’ x 9’ is our most common size to avoid permits, the Advanced Studio can be custom built to match your size and style desires. Inquire today or see what our customers have to say about our products.


  • Customization of our Advanced Studio is available, whether it be overall size, window or door placement, or siding options.
  • Our many wood and steel options are available in many stains and colours to give you the exact look you need.
  • Lights can be added to your roof overhang to really add some life to your studio in the night.
  • The windowed swing door adds light and helps form a connection from your studio to the rest of your home.


  • Engineered to the same specs as a home and constructed with care, our studios are built to last.
  • Our corrugated steel siding is maintenance free and our provider is right here in Ontario
  • Our slanted roof provides great drainage, moisture protection, and can even be used to collect rainwater.
  • Front wall available in tight knot pine or cedar tongue and groove, 1×10 ship-lap, or maintenance free revolution panel
  • Our studios are designed for Canadian life and our R22 insulation means they can be comfortably used year round!

Design Specifications.