12×9 Insulated Garden Office Shed by Backyard Escape Studios

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Would you like to know how much thought we put into what others call
“just a shed”? Call us anytime and we will be glad to explain why “it is not just a shed”.
Take a look at the specs and why we do it. What drives us is providing a product that will serve its purpose for many years to come.


The optimal size for an Insulated Garden Studio would not involve a permit. We maxed it to 108 square feet because in most municipalities of Ontario you would not require a building permit. But, of course, we can build them bigger as well as smaller 😀

Windows & Doors

Windows and Doors are essential for working or being in a modern garden studio. You want as much light as possible, but also not too much that they function as a magnifying glass. That is why we use 3 transom windows and one window on the side to create an airflow to quickly circulate air.

Aluminum clad doors with a full glass insert and the vinyl windows in the same colour create a unique combination with the wood and steel siding.

Exterior Siding

Corrugated Steel – we just love it! The variety of different and unique colours is outstanding and the durability of it speaks for itself. There are other beautiful steel profiles as well that, combined with a clear-coat pine or cedar, look stunning. We like to think that if you are walking to your garden studio you should look at it and just love it with your own and unique colour combinations.


Ahh, insulation. One of the core parts of our studios where we make no compromise. R22 is the minimum that we recommend for exterior and interior insulation. Here in Ontario and many other parts of Canada we have cold (very cold) winters, and summers that are just the opposite. Working from a garden studio that is not laid out for our Canadian climate will limit the usage of your studio. Who wants to play on a keyboard with mittens on?

Interior Finish

The interior finish for our studios is as flexible as you are, from white, paintable, medium density board to unique plywood or t+g pine.

We don’t endorse using common drywall, if there are seasons where the studio is not kept at a somewhat consistent temperature. Drywall and the mudding compound could show cracks over time.


Durability and ease of installation are the most important for our roof membranes that we use.

Our first choice is a GAF Liberty roofing product that is self-adhering in a two-ply application.

Other options are available as well.


Modern builds need a modern foundation that is price effective and lasting, which is why we choose an earth screw for our studios. It enables us to provide a much more convenient experience for our customer, so they get more of their studio from our hand.

All of our structures are also adaptable to all other foundation options out there, including concrete slabs, Sonotubes, patio stones and gravel frames.



Footprint : 144″ x 108″ (12′ x 9′)
Interior Space: 135″ x 100″
Front Wall Height: 108″
Back Wall Height: 96″
Total Studio Height (Front): 120″
Total Studio Height (Back): 108″
Roof Overhang (Sides and Front): 16″
Roof Overhang (Back): 6″-8″

Window & Doors

Three transom windows: 42″ x 13″ low e-glass (available in black, white, and five additional standard colours)

Casement side window: 32″ x 48″ low e-glass (available in black, white, and five additional standard colours)

Door: 34″ x 80″ steel door in-swing with full light insert (available in black, white, and five additional standard colours)


Back Wall and Partial side walls: 7/8 corrugated jet black metal siding (available in over 25 colours and various profiles)

Front Wall and Partial side walls: unstained 1 x 6 pine tongue and groove (also available in cedar and pre-stained in colour of choice)

Roof: GAF Liberty rolled roofing for low-sloped roofs, double ply application, base and cap sheet


Interior Wall Panelling: 5mm in white, paintable
Seams: 1″ low profile moulding for seam coverage
Ceiling: 1×6 or 1×4 pine tongue and groove
No finished flooring included in price


Interior Wall Panelling: 5mm in white, paintable
Seams: 1″ low profile moulding for seam coverage
Ceiling: 1×6 or 1×4 pine tongue and groove
No finished flooring included in price


Four to six earth screws, 55″ long (min. 48″ below ground)
2×6 pressure treated support frame (to accommodate sub-floor)
Our Studios can accommodate other foundations as well, but are not supplied by us (ex. concrete, sonar tube, interlock, and patio stones).


Sample Studio Price (without interior, foundation, installation and delivery): CAD 11,900

  • Interior package (without flooring): CAD 1,390 (includes labour and material)
  • Foundation: Earth screws with support structures: CAD 1,090
  • Installation and Delivery (dependant on location and accessibility): approx. CAD 1,500 – 2,000

All prices are not binding and exclude HST.

We do not provide electrical installation; therefore, it is not included in the price. We can work with you to find a local electrician that can install your desired setup.

Please understand this is a standard, generic price for a sample studio and alterations to the layout and materials may affect pricing. We value the individual touch that makes each Studio unique for you and we welcome the variety of inspirations that come our way.

Modern Working requires a modern office solution.

Here are some examples of how your modern studio shed could look like.
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Studio Layout

How to get started

Send us an email or give us a call and provide us with as much information as you can, including your location (to calculate transportation costs), backyard accessibility (to determine how much needs to be assembled onsite), and detailed ideas of what you envision your studio to look like (size, style, etc.) With this information, we can provide a rough quote along with a sample 3D drawing.