Home Gym and Fitness Studio

Home Gym

If you have a passion for physical fitness but find it hard to make the time to travel all the way to the gym a backyard home gym might be exactly what you need! Getting rid of the commute and creating a nice private space for you to work out in can help erase the typical hurdles that keep people from making it out to the gym as often as they want to. With plenty of room for equipment, storage, and the ability to insulate for year round usage, a backyard home gym can provide you with an excellent opportunity to focus on your personal health and wellness.

Available in all different sizes and styles our studios can easily accommodate your needs. Need extra space for lots of equipment? Our studios are built strong and sturdy and can handle any kind of storage or shelving needs you have. Want a smaller space with lots of natural night for a yoga studio? We will happily help you come up with a design to suit your style. Simply get in touch with us about your needs and we can start to draft your personal studio right away!

A 13′ x 8′ Home Gym by Backyard Escape Studios