A Backyard Modern Studio in Sudbury with Matching Shed

When our customer from Sudbury approached us looking for a solution to their hectic in-home office, we knew the answer: a sleek modern studio right in their own backyard.  With this they would be able to live their work and home life with a healthy and convenient separation.  So we got to work drawing up plans for their new office.  With over 100 square feet of work space, and top of the line R24 insulation (for those cold days), it was the perfect garden studio.

We designed this modern studio with clean lines, accented by the rich and natural beauty of Maibec wood siding.  Against the smooth industrial grey trim for the door and windows, the wood really came to life.  It looked like a hip tech start up’s office, and created a great working environment that fostered creativity and energy.

Then, our customer realized they had a problem: they also needed a place to store their tools and garden equipment.  But they just couldn’t bring themselves to fill their shiny new office with yard tools.  When you have a backyard studio of this caliber, what are you supposed to do with all of your tools?  Your only choice is a new shed that compliments the beauty of your modern studio.

So we took things a step further.  We created a shed that matched their studio’s style, while still distinguishing it as a separately functioning building.  We achieved this by adorning it with a sliding barn door and rugged appointments to give it a workingman’s vibe.  Both the studio and modern shed worked together to create a crisp yet natural look to their surrounding yard.

Cutting the Commute

The best part of this backyard office is that our customer can now walk to work in a matter of seconds.  Not only that, but they are also free from the distractions that come from having an in-home office.  This has made for a much more focused and productive environment.  Now their work gets done without interruption from chores or procrastination, and they can have a nice family dinner without thinking of running over to check their email or finish a couple more tasks.

So if you think an office and a shed can’t work in tandem, just take a look at our customer’s backyard.  It is tangible proof that you can have everything you need just outside your back door.