Music in Your Modern Shed Backyard Studio in Windsor Ontario

Music Studio Interior

In less than a week, you could watch your backyard transform from a blank canvas into your own Music & Soundproof recording studio. This was the case for one of our most recent customers.  We created a backyard music studio for them so they could expand their space beyond the confines of their home.  Below you can see their new working space, which was custom designed and handcrafted to capture the mood that a creative musician needs when they work.

This 16X12 foot studio, erected in Windsor, Ontario in just three days, is perfect for the stay-at-home musician.  Whether you’re a music teacher interested in working from home, or you’re a recording artist who’s sick of driving to the studio every day, this is the perfect solution.  In the case of our customer, it was both.  With a new baby on the way, they were desperately in need of an office to bring their students so they could focus on their lessons. They also needed a safe place to record music where sound would not disturb their baby.  This was the perfect solution.

Their studio, which we built in our signature “modern shed” aesthetic, is not only equipped with a spacious floor plan, but is also optimized for acoustics.  We built it with ten-foot slanted ceilings to capture the best possible sound.  So not only is there plenty of room for all of their equipment, but that equipment will also sound the way it was meant to.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘why not just put my studio in the spare bedroom?’  Well, you could, but we’ve found that our customers have experienced a couple of benefits from separating their workspaces from their homes.  This is especially true for music studios.

First of all, our customers no longer have work spilling over when it’s time to be with the family.  Which means they can work from home while keeping home from work.  There are no more students shuffling in and out of their house.  And they don’t have to worry about unfamiliar musicians hanging around their kitchen during recording sessions.  Now they have the best of both worlds: privacy in their home, and a simple stroll out the back door to get to work.

Another huge advantage of one of our studios is the noise factor.  Don’t tear apart your house just to install sub-par soundproofing measures.  When your studio is in the backyard, you don’t have to worry about any of that.  You are entirely separate.  On top of that, we use special soundproofing insulation to cancel out any noise.  It’s so effective that our customer could rock out at full volume with their band while their newborn sleeps peacefully in their crib.  It is a completely soundproof garden studio.


When you choose Backyard Escape Studios, you skip all the headaches that come with a project like this.  We help to take care of the building permit, and we guide you through all the potential roadblocks during construction, such as finding a certified electrician.  And when your business is booming and you need more room, we’ll even come back to add on to your space.

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