Deborah’s Backyard Office!

I am ecstatic about my Backyard Escape Studio Office! Prior to finding Sebastian and his excellent Company, Backyard Escape Studios, I had engineering plans drawn and a permit from the City for a backyard studio and shed. Reality hit when the build quotes exceeded my budget four-fold. I could not justify the cost.

Much to my delight, I happened across a website for Backyard Escape Studios, a company located in London, Ontario. I loved the designs and shifted my thinking from this large, cottage style studio, which I initially envisioned, to a smaller Backyard Escape Studio.

I am located in Northern Ontario and did not expect Sebastian to even consider building a studio and traveling 555km to install it. Well, he did! Without a second thought, he committed not only to my backyard studio, but also to a shed, working specific design and material details into each with much time and research on his part.

The final product is a beautiful backyard studio and shed that not only complement my house and landscaping but serve the purpose of that extra storage and escape space I desperately needed, all at a fraction of the cost of my initial backyard studio and shed design budget.

Sebastian’s knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and work ethic are superior. His Company is his passion. This was evident from my very first conversation with him and throughout my project, as well as in the conversation I had with him two days ago about building a sliding door for my deck enclosure.

I cannot say enough about Sebastian, an all-around pleasure to work. I highly recommend Backyard Escape Studios.

– Deborah