She Shed ‘s Top Reasons why Women are Buying and Building them

Looking to escape, even if just long enough to take a phone call or eat a handful of gummy worms without feeling obligated to share?  A She Shed might just be the ideal answer to many of your deepest desires.

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center shows that women, as a whole, have less leisure time than men — about three hours less per week in homes with children 18 and under.  For the homes without children, women still had received 5 hours less free-time than their male partners.

Sadly, women have started to equate leisure to a luxury that they simply hope for, rather than anticipate in their daily or weekly routines. With the innovation of she sheds, women all over the world are reclaiming their time and talents, while committing to make down-time more than just a distant desire.

In fact, having downtime is actually a necessity for optimal coping and thriving.  A lack of adequate relaxation or involvement in personal, creative pursuits may very well be suspect as one of the reasons many women report feeling more stressed than their male counterparts.

Here, we share some of the top listed reasons women have shared their love for the she shed and the many ways they would benefit from an area all their own.

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