Welcome to My Shed quarters – London

modern office space in your own backyard

Welcome to My Shed quarters

When Maureen Sheehy relocated to London, she initially set up her home office in the spare bedroom. Sheehy is a virtual comptroller and consultant in the restoration industry, and for security reasons, her preference was to keep all of her work close by. “I deal with some very sensitive documentation,” she says.

The trouble with working from a home office, however, was that she was finding it difficult to separate her work life from her home life. “I was never off work, really. I was constantly in the office, and it took a concentrated effort to end the work day—to not get pulled in to work or to check emails. Plus, we had no place for guests to stay when they came to visit.’

By 2015, Sheehy desperately needed more space and had reached the point where she figured she should look into renting office space. While searching online she came across a picture of a backyard studio in Holland. Then, to her delight, she discovered there was a Canadian company, Backyard Escape Studios, that was building similar structures right here in London.

Sebastian Kellner was raised in an entrepreneurial family in Germany. He married a Canadian, and after their first child was born, the couple moved across the ocean to London to be closer to her family. Kellner established Kellner Innovations Inc., a building company specializing in a tree houses and observatory decks, and set up a home office to work in. Then came baby number two.

“I was constantly being distracted from my work,” recalls Kellner. “Even if I was working in the basement, I would hear the patter of little feet above. I never had a quiet moment.”

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