A Luxury Office Space in Your Own Backyard

Toronto Office Studio

A Functional Workspace In Your Own Backyard

This Toronto office studio is a space dreams are made of! It is tucked perfectly into their backyard area, and provides a quaint, yet effective office space – and it is only steps from their home, which means no commute time (and a kitchen so close for getting those mid-day snacks).

Natural Light

Our client opted for large windows in the front of their backyard studio, and an inswing door with a window. The side walls also have windows to provide even more natural light. There is no need for alarming fluorescent lights in this office studio when the sun has easy access inside to light up the work space. And on days there’s no sun, the natural surroundings of this backyard studio will still allow higher motivation, focus, and relaxation.

A Place to Focus and Dream

Toronto is known for its hustle and bustle, but the chaos is removed when you enter this office studio. It is a space for our client to focus on their work, and dream big dreams; to have conversations with no interruptions, and accomplish the to-do list with ease. And for those moments when a break is needed? A step out on the front porch will bring the oxygen back to their lungs and their ideas. Who wouldn’t want a backyard studio that increases productivity and dreams all at the same time?

An Office Upgrade

Perhaps you are reading this now in your office, and realizing a new and improved space is just what you need. Don’t just dream about it – let us help you build and design a space where you can dream up new dreams. With more and more people working from home now, don’t settle for the dining room table or a corner in the basement like everyone else. We can work with you so that you, too, can have a new and improved office space with a backyard studio just like this one in Toronto.


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