What is a Backyard Escape Studio?

A Backyard Escape Studio (BES) is anything you want it to be. It is a creative, think outside the box alternative to renting or leasing space, or performing expensive home renovations. A BES is a detached, customized space placed on your property to allow you to pursue your passions, interests, and professional needs. It can be anything from a pool house, personal gym, yoga room, office space, man-cave, guest room, or soundproof studio. That is just a small list of possibilities.


Some customers love their Backyard Escape Studio so much, they will actually disassemble it and take it with them to their new home.

If you are interested in creating a smart, useful Backyard Escape Studio, contact us at your earliest convenience, as demand is growing continually.

Modern Garden Studio Shed Toronto by Backyard Escape Studios

What makes BES unique is that they are not simply a glorified shed. Nor are they anything like a costly home renovation to an existing space. Backyard Escape Studios are much more hassle free (often not requiring building permits), and they provide a real additional, insulated room specific to your unique needs. A regular shed doesn’t add significant value, as they are a standard feature of almost every home. However, a customized room adds true value and pays for itself in the long run.

Garden Studio Shed Toronto by Backyard Escape Studio