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Backyard Barn

Making use of your backyard all year around is becoming more and more popular in the last few years. What is already common knowledge in the UK and parts of the US is for southwestern Ontario quite a new concept. Placing an outbuilding in your backyard is in most areas of Ontario still considered a shed. Comparing a Home Studio to a shed is like comparing a house to a barn. Fully insulated with heating and air conditioning, and the personal touch as every other room in your house, Backyard Escape Studios enriches your backyard and increases the value of your house. The concept of a fully usable all-year-round building is still far from the thoughts of people living in Southwestern Ontario.

To see how beneficial a Backyard Escape Studio is we just have to take a look ‘over the pond’. The company ExtraRooms provides all over the UK small rooms for every usage; not only home offices but guest rooms, gyms, hobby rooms, and even sound proof rooms for music studios. Whatever reason you have for your extra space, a Backyard Escape Studio can make it happen.

If a backyard office sounds right for you, take a look at our build a studio page for more details, and contact us with any questions or concerns!

Find out how a Backyard Escape Studio can enrich your life!

Not just as a home office, but your personal quiet space and sanctuary.


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