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Sebastian Kellner and his Family the backbone of Backyard Escape Studios

Sebastian Kellner grew up in Germany working in the family business where he gained experience in management, foreign trade, and construction. Two years after marrying his Canadian sweetheart Breanne, they decided to move to Canada to a begin a new adventure together. Once in London, Ontario, Kellner Innovations Inc. was founded; a company that creates new and innovative products to make everyday life easier.

Sebastian found it very challenging to be productive running Kellner Innovations Inc from a home office with the pattering of little feet and cute calls for ‘Papa’ by three animated boys – Enders, Kord, and Leif, along with many other at home distractions. Being an entrepreneur, Sebastian saw an opportunity to help people who shared similar challenges. It was here that Backyard Escape Studios (BES) was born.

While realizing that he personally needed a BES to provide him an office, he also knew it could be customized for many other purposes such as pool houses, fitness studios, recreation studios, professional recording studios, bunkies (small guest cottage) and more. He also realized that BES would allow customers to invest in their property, avoid paying rent for office space, and maintain the convenience of being at home while not being in the home.

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The possibilities of Backyard Escape Studios are endless and Sebastian takes great pride in turning people’s dreams into a reality. If you have a need for a Backyard Escape Studio, contact us today.