High Quality Pool Sheds and Pool Cabanas

The Pool Sheds and Cabanas you always wanted is finally within your reach!

Backyard Escape Studios have presented a beautiful range of bespoke pool sheds, all of which are uniquely and expertly designed to accommodate your needs. These sheds are made from premium quality materials and have been designed with such great attention to detail that you can finally relax around your pool, knowing that your equipment is safely stored in a shed that can be built with little to no maintenance.

A pool shed is a great idea to answer all of your pool storage needs. It provides a safe and sheltered space in which to store the cleaning equipment, keep any Kids toys safe, and shelter your garden furniture.

As well as being an ideal storage solution, pool cabanas can actually add value to your property – provided, of course, that they are of sound construction, look good and maximize the potential usage of your garden and pool spaces. Besides anything else this sleek and elegantly built range of pool sheds look fantastic, adding a touch of class to whichever poolside they grace.

A further benefit of having a pool shed is the ability to change your clothing in a safe space without bringing the wet and slippery mess into the house. Some people even go the extra mile and have plumbing installed in their pool sheds so that they can have a shower before they dress. With Backyard Escape Studios providing so much choice the options are only limited by your own imagination!

Having your dream pool shed couldn’t be easier. You can browse online for a range of options, styles, and designs. Once you have picked your main design you are free to embellish upon it as much or as little as you wish. Most of these pool sheds can be built on your property in a maximum of two days, but please bear in mind that more intricate or fanciful designs might take a little longer to put together.

These pool cabanas are ultra modern and provide a chic take on garden accouterments. They look great in any space and will perk up a tired poolside to no end. After all, nothing says modern, organized luxury like your very own cabana! Become the envy of your friends and transform your pool space for the better!

So if you are on the lookout for great value, long lasting sheds that present an elegant, opulent finish to your poolside then look no further. Backyard Escape Studios already has you covered. You can browse their full range of pool sheds simply by following this link

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